You can add PDF, Excel, Word, Word, or plain text files to your documents area and organize them in categories. Store them here for other people to view or just to keep safe backups of your administrative files. Your documents will also display in the documents widget on your home page if you have this widget turned on.

TeamPages Pro users, as well as league, clubs, and assocations, can upload unlimited documents.  TeamPages basic users are limited to 5 documents. 



To add a new document, simply click the 'add document' button at the top of the list.  An uploader form will open on-page where you can choose your file, give it a name, adjust permissions, and email it to your members. Any new documents will be added to the bottom of the list.


If you would like to add a document to an existing category, you can do that too! Beside each category, you will see a link to add a document. The uploader form will open inside the category you have selected and your document will be added to the bottom of the category list.



To add a new category, simply click 'add category' at the top of the page and give your category (folder) a name. The new category will be listed at the bottom of the documents list. Click and hold to drag it into position. You can also nest categories inside other categories.


You can drag and drop all of your documents and categories into any position you wish. Documents will always go to the bottom of a category list if dropped into a closed category.


Documents that are being stored here can be 'linked' to in other sections of your website.

For example; if you load a PDF document about Club Safety and later create a custom page full of information about safety policies at your club you may wish to 'link' your Club Safety document on this page. To do this please follow through our step by step guide:

1. Locate the file in your documents, right click and press 'copy link address' (exact wording will differ depending if you use Google Chrome, IE, Firefox or Safari) 

2. Go to your custom page and decide where you'd like to place your link.

3. Highlight the area, picture or word you're going to 'link' too and use our link button as seen here: 

4. Now right click in the URL box and PASTE the link in:

5. Click OK and your document will be successfully linked to your page.


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