Upgrading to TeamPages PRO

Upgrading to Pro has significant advantages:

  • Ad free website
  • Unlimited team text messaging
  • Unlimited custom pages
  • Upload an unlimited amount of photos and documents
  • Add custom widgets like Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Display your team sponsors 
  • Add custom banners and backgrounds
Here's how to upgrade your free/basic TeamPage to any of our Pro packages:
1. Go to your TeamPage and Settings area, where you'll find the Upgrade option


3. Follow the secure check-out process.

Feel free to contact Customer Support should you need any assistance at all upgrading your account 1-800-500-7203.
Please Note:  We used to offer three packages at the team subscription level: Basic, Pro, and Allstar.  We are now only offering two packages, Basic (free) and Pro.  Our Pro package includes all the features of the old Allstar package.




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