Banner & Background

In the settings area, you can upload a custom banner and background for your website.  Check out our gallery to see what we have designed for some of our clients.  We offer custom design for headers and backgrounds, give us a call at 1-800-500-7203 if you are interested. 


Follow the instructions for uploading your banner and background image.  Both of these features have advanced settings as well.  Under the advanced settings for the banner, you can choose to use a transparent header and give it a custom height. You may want to do this so that your background image shows through at the top, and you include your logo and tagline at the top the background image.


You can also choose to not cascade the banner.  The means that the banner uploaded here will only show up on the org, club, or league site.  The team websites will not display this banner. 

The advanced settings for the background image provides a variety of options to play with.  Repeating your background vertically or horizontally is good if you are using a smaller background image or texture.  If you are using a large background image, you may want to position it at the center top rather than the default top left.

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